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Taking Control of Portion Sizes 6/20/2007
When will restaurants get on board ?

Transforming the Health Care System 6/13/2007
Does the story of Mexican Coca-Cola hold any insight?

Bright Ideas About Health Care 6/6/2007
Lessons learned from the light bulb

What Health Care Can Learn from Boeing 5/30/2007
More than you might think

Long-Term Care Insurance 5/23/2007
Why it makes sense

Is Coffee Good for You? 5/9/2007
A closer look at one of our favorite beverages

Corn-Fed America 4/27/2007
Does this grain have an unhealthy hold on our diets?

Understanding Miscarriage 4/18/2007
How to cope and how to comfort

Little Things That Can Save Your Life 4/4/2007
Protect yourself and your family from preventable injuries

Why Kids Need Their Shots 3/21/2007
Debunking the myths about childhood vaccinations

Taking Action on Obesity 3/14/2007
Using public policy for change and prevention

Dealing with Cholera 3/7/2007
We know how to prevent it, so why does it still exist?

Need a Quick Boost? 2/21/2007
Need a Quick Boost? Why Energy Drinks are Bad News

A Connection Between Stem Cells and Cancer? 2/14/2007
Bringing us one step closer to a cure

How Safe is Your Food? 2/7/2007
Recent outbreaks of E. coli expose food safety problems

Benefits of a Smoke-Free Workplace 1/31/2007
Are you breathing easy?

Down the Drain, and Then What? 1/24/2007
Do you know where your water goes?

Is It Good Fat or Bad Fat? 1/17/
Learn how to read food labels for healthier shopping

How Trans Fats Became Our Enemy 1/10/2007
What are they and what do they do?

How Much Salt is Too Much? 12/13/
You’re probably eating more than you realize

Rethinking Health in the Workplace 12/6/
Healthy employees make productive

Global Warming: Is a Plan Emerging? 11/29/
Three converging sectors tell the story

Health Records of the 11/22/2006
Why “lifespan planning” may be the best approach

Searching for the Fountain of Youth? 11/1/2006
Keep searching – human growth hormone isn’t the answer

Accidental Health Care 10/25/
How we got stuck with an employer-based system

Overweight Kids in America 10/18/2006
Understanding the role of food labeling and advertising

No Smoke, No Problem? 10/11/2006
No way – smokeless tobacco is addictive and dangerous

The Fight Against Malaria 9/27/2006
Why we’re still losing

Converting Coal to Oil 9/20/
Will it ease our energy dependency?

The Silent Disability: Incontinence 9/13/2006
It’s more common than you might think

New Twist in Stem Cell Debate 9/6/
Scientists say embryos can be saved

Fluoride: Going Beyond Good 8/30/2006
Are you and your family getting eno ugh or too much?

Will I Be More Disabled Than My Parents?8/23/2006
Why the outlook appears grim

Hooked on Tanning?
Big business, but bad for your health

Ethanol and the Battle Over Corn 8/9/
What’s the controversy all about?

Building Tomorrow’s Health Care 8/2/
Meet the unlikely players developing our new system

A Bird’s-Eye View of Bird 7/26/2006
What we really know about transmission

Untangling the Web of Alzheimer’s Disease 7/19/2006
How close are we to a cure?

Who are America’s Uninsured? 7/12/2006
The demographics might surprise you

Global Warming: From “If” to “When” 6/28/2006
Is the United States taking action?

The New HPV Vaccine 6/21/2006
Conquering a sexually transmitted virus could help prevent cervical cancer

Going Under 6/7/2006
Whats happening to Canadas online pharmacies?

The Road to Universal Health Coverage 6/1/2006
Is Massachusetts leading the way?

Alcohol’s New Target 5/17/2006
Marketers take aim at affluent, independent females

Tobacco Stealth Marketing 5/10/2006
Targeting kids and women with flavored cigarettes

The Insecurity of Employer-Based Health Care 5/3/2006
How vulnerable is our system?

The True Cost of War 4/19/2006
Loss of life can’t be measured in dollars and cents

Don’t Let Appendicitis Get You Down 4/11/2006
Quick action can make a world of difference

When Caregivers Need Care 4/5/2006
They can be vulnerable, too

HSAs For Health or Wealth? 3/28/2006
The story behind the story of health savings accounts

Threatened by Medical Bankruptcy? Part 2 3/21/2006
Getting care and going broke

Threatened by Medical Bankruptcy? Part 1 3/14/2006
Many employers are struggling with health care costs

Ground Water Protection 3/1/2006
What’s going on in Your community?

Insurers And Medicare Part D 2/22/2006
Why they’re on board

The Truth About Condoms 2/15/2006
How they can save your life

HIV Prevention and Control 2/8/2006
Time for a jump-start

Consumer-Directed Health Insurance 1/31/2006
Will it Really Work?

What Ever Happened to Managed Care? 1/25/2006
How it helped get us to where we are now

Bottled Water 1/18/2006
Think twice before you buy

Our Human Health Resources 1/11/2006
Planning weaknesses have caused a worker shortage

Women’s Health and Plan B 1/4/2006
Standing up for science

What Can We Learn from Ebola? 12/20/2005
A slow-spreading microbe with measured threat

The Challenge of Prostate Cancer 12/7/2005
A common disease with unanswered questions

Connecting Patients to Care Teams 11/30/2005
Getting serious about advanced communications

In the Wake of Katrina 11/23/2005
American medicine rediscovers its voice

The Truth About Mercury: Part 2 11/16/2005
The Tuna Wars

The Truth About Mercury: Part 1 11/9/2005
Where did it all come from?

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Part 2 11/2/2005
What challenges lie ahead?

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Part 1 10/26/2005
What’s it all about?

Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and the Heart 10/19/2005
When need is one step ahead of science

Speaking Up About Postpartum Depression 10/12/2005
A serious condition that’s finally getting more attention

Fear and Mental Illness: Shadow of 9/11 Looms 9/28/2005
Why isn’t fear management a national priority?

Plastic Surgery in Adolescents 9/21/2005
Changing more than their appearance?

Accountability and the Recent Water Disasters 9/14/2005
Why weren’t we prepared?

Testing Newborns For Hearing 9/7/2005
The importance of screening, diagnosis and intervention

Male Depression and the Workplace 8/31/2005
What’s the connection?

The Threat of Bird Flu 8/24/2005
Is a pandemic on the horizon?

Who Will Own Tomorrow’s CME? 8/17/2005
New growth could be global, virtual and explosive

Why Tuberculosis Survives in the U.S. 8/10/2005
What can we do to beat it?

Are We Giving In To Big Tobacco? 7/13/2005
How the justice department changed its mind

Home-Centered Health: Part 3 7/6/2005
Women as home health managers

The Story of Lead Poisoning 6/29/2005
Exposing health care system weaknesses

Does Health Have to Be Political? 6/22/2005
A question worth answering

Learning from the Tsunami 6/15/2005
Let’s strengthen the weaknesses revealed

Organizing the Dying Process 6/8/2005
The four management stages

Will Academic Medical Centers Survive? 6/1/2005
They’re reconsidering their value proposition

Challenging the Pain of Childbirth 5/25/2005
Study finds no problem with early epidurals

Guns and Teen Suicide 5/18/2005
How gun availability hurts our teens

HIV Testing: Too Little, Too Late? 5/11/2005
Exploring the dangers of undiagnosed HIV

Home-Centered Health: Part 2 5/4/2005 x
Turning visions into reality

Home-Centered Health: Part 1 4/27/2005 x
What will it take to create the ideal healthy home?

The Red Cross: Then and Now 4/20/2005
Understanding its complex history, principles and structure

The Growth of Diabetes 4/13/2005
Addressing the issue head on

Addressing Unhealthy Alcohol Use 4/6/2005
Do you know how much is too much?

Colorectal Cancer Prevention 3/30/2005
What are you waiting for?

Evidence-Based Medicine 3/23/2005
What it means for patients and physicians

The Battle with Infectious Diseases 3/16/2005
Staying one step ahead of microbes

Elder Abuse 3/9/2005
What is it and how can it be prevented?

Eating Disorders and College Women 3/2/2005
More prevalent than you might think

Examining Blood Safety 2/23/2005
Will it ever be risk free?

Ozone’s Effects on Health 2/16/2005
A story of good and bad

Aging and Obesity 2/9/2005
Megatrends on a collision course

Improvements in Military Medicine 2/2/2005
Will we need a medical military draft?

Healthy Waters: A Public Trust 1/19/2005
What’s happening to our water supply?

Planning a Dignified Death 1/12/2005
End-of-life decisions are complex, but critical

The Laws that Protect Managed Care 1/5/2005
Making sense of ERISA

Fighting Infectious Diseases Worldwide 12/15/2004
International cooperation has proved critical

The Connection Between Class, Race and Health 12/8/2004 x
Do status and race determine health?

AIDS: Still Growing, 24 Years Later 12/1/2004
Can we take what we’ve learned and act on it?

Discussing Death with Dying Children? 11/24/2004
What should parents say?

Long-Distance Caregiving 11/17/2004
An increasing reality in the workplace

The Real Story Behind Obesity 11/10/2004 x
We must change our strategy to address the problem

Improving Patient Adherence 11/3/2004
A consumer empowerment challenge

The Importance of Stem Cell Policy 10/27/2004
How we can honor Christopher Reeve

Osteoporosis 10/20/2004
A ticking time bomb

The Trouble with Bullying 10/13/2004
Using early reinforcement of non-violent behavior

Syphilis: On the Rebound 10/6/2004
An ancient disease, not showing signs of retreat

Stem Cell Research in the U.K. 9/29/2004
Funding helped the U.K. build the world’s first stem cell bank

Palliative Care 9/22/2004
Can our medical system handle this philosophy?

All Aboard the Health Information Highway 9/15/2004
It’s time for a national health information infrastructure

Integrity of the Medical Profession 9/8/2004
It’s a doctor’s obligation to stop or report torture

Mental Illness and the War in Iraq 9/1/2004
The prevalence of PTSD among American soldiers

Operating on the Elderly 8/25/2004
Plan ahead and understand the risks

Tiered Cost Sharing and Hospital Use 8/18/2004
Will “value networks” help control health care spending?

Toronto’s SARS Outbreak 7/28/2004
Identifying control strategies that worked

Driving Fatalities Among Seniors 7/21/2004
Guideposts will help increase roadway safety

Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries 7/14/2004
Economic growth doesn’t have to bring health problems

Road Safety: A Public Health Issue 7/7/2004
Identifying the problems makes the solutions increasingly clear

Health Insurance Reform 6/30/2004 x
Where are we now?

Rethinking Physician Supply 6/23/2004
Moving beyond the MD, DO, IMG dance

Irradiation of Food and Food Safety 6/16/2004 x
It’s time to reconsider the benefits

Fear Management: Post-9/11 6/9/2004 x
What we can learn from NYC’s lingering anxiety

Women and Lung Cancer 6/2/2004 x
It’s time to take action

Organ Transplantation 5/26/2004 x
A supply/demand crisis ways to move beyond the problem

The Cost of Obesity in America 5/19/2004 x
America’s weight problem comes with a high price tag

The Tobacco Settlement of 1998 5/12/2004 x
A historic moment or a failed promise?

Tobacco’s Deadly Global Grip 5/4/2004 x
With tobacco consumption, death and disability explode

From Medical Malpractice to Safety 4/28/2004 x
You can’t get there from here

The Power of Information Technology 4/21/2004 x
Bridging the global gap

Vulnerable Elders in America 4/14/2004 x
How good is the care?

Health Care Costs 4/7/2004 x
What are we getting for our money?

Where Is the Best Place to Die? 3/31/2004 x
Many factors contribute to a “good death”

Importing Drugs from Canada and Beyond 3/24/2004 x
Unwise and unsafe: here’s why

Depression and Suicide 3/17/2004 x
The tragic costs of a common illness

The Economics of Living Longer 3/11/2004
How longevity and healthy aging affect health care costs

The Politics of Pain 3/3/2004 x
The evolution of pain treatment

Lessons Learned from SARS 2/25/2004 x
Preparing for disease outbreaks

The Politics of Vaccines 2/18/2004 x
The importance of a reliable supply

Medical Knowledge: Lost in Translation 2/11/2004 x
Use of modern research and how it’s applied

Does Science Make A Difference? 2/4/2004 x
How does science impact society?

Cardiovascular Disease: Still No. 1 1/28/2004 x
Many americans don’t realize how at risk they are

Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient 1/21/2004 x
The hidden costs

Pricing of Pharmaceuticals 1/7/2004
Establishing viable, market-driven pricing x

The Patient-Physician Relationship: Part 2 12/31/2003 x
Unlocking the value

The Patient-Physician Relationship: Part 1 12/24/2003 x
Its role in society

Violence – Part 3: Prevention 12/17/2003 x
Methods and approaches to combat violence

The Privacy of Patient Data 12/17/2003 x
Measuring the benefits and risks

Violence – Part 2: Risk Factors 12/10/2003 x
Rethinking violence from a public health perspective

Violence – Part 1: A Public Health Issue 12/3/2003 x
Defining violence and taking action to prevent it

Patient Privacy and Clinical Research 11/19/2003 x
How they go together

Understanding HIPAA 11/5/2003 x
Concerns about patient privacy and confidentiality

The Safety Net and Care for the Uninsured 10/29/2003
Exploring the costs

Exercise and Childhood Obesity 10/22/2003
Taking an active role

Patient Involvement in Research Studies 10/15/2003
A critical ingredient for successful clinical research

Clinical Research at a Critical Juncture 10/8/2003 x
Our increasing reliance on EBM

Financing Home Health Care 10/1/2003 x
Economic challenges of home-centered care

Leading with Science 10/1/2003 x
The role of the scientific process in modern medicine

Consumer Risk Management 9/24/2003 x
The burden of benefit-risk decisions on patients

Women’s Health – Part 3: Overcoming Obstacles 9/17/2003 x
What’s in the way?

Women’s Health – Part 2: Diseases and Risk Factors 9/10/2003 x
Knowledge alone does not equal power

Women’s Health – Part 1: A Lifespan Issue 9/3/2003 x
How gender affects health and well-being

Health Preparedness and the Blackout of 2003 8/27/2003
Communications and health care in times of crisis

Aging: Part 3 8/20/2003 x
New environments for mature living

Aging: Part 2 8/13/2003 x
Preventing illness, maintaining health

Aging: Part 1 8/6/2003 x
The scope of the challenge

Cross-Sector Partnerships in Health Care 7/30/2003 x
Working together could bring about change

Research Drugs or Generic Drugs 7/23/2003 x
New and old discoveries depend on each other

Patents 7/16/2003 x
Protecting intellectual Property

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 4 7/9/2003 x
From research to action

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 3 7/2/2003 x
The major risk factors

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 2 6/25/2003 x
A product of many factors

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 1 6/18/2003 x
Defining the problem