Healthy Person Project©

PROJECT TITLE: “The Healthy Person Project©”

Institutions of learning are committed to the principle of enlightening the mind through truth. Within this environment, these organizations assist each student in the effort to develop as an articulate and independent member of society who uses a reasoned approach to all issues, who strives to become a responsible leader in shaping the diverse world community, who lives in a manner exemplifying the principles of service, mutual respect, and individual responsibility, and who appreciates the value of learning as a life-long endeavor.

Over the past three decades, concepts of health have been redefined. Individual health encompasses mind, body and spirit, in pursuit of full human potential. We have moved as a nation away from paternalistic approaches that reacted to diseases, and moved toward partnerships between health consumers and health professionals with an emphasis on prevention and planning. In the process our concept of “health” has become more holistic and integrative with the health needs of other individuals and life forms with whom we share our planet.

The Healthy Person Project©is a continuous online collaborative effort to allow all students, faculty, trustees and community leaders the opportunity to define the actions or steps that they believe are most critical in assuring that a virtual child conceived and born in real at this educational site will reach her or his full human potential.

Using a 1 hour online tool developed by Positive Medicine Inc., data is collected and analyzed, and provides a collective vision of what will be the most critical determinants of full human development over the next century. This de-identified and privacy protected information is intended to promote community wide dialogue and help inform services, activities and curricula.

In today’s modern society, there is increasing focus on life balance, productivity, sustainability and managing change. Globalization, aging populations, consumerism, the Internet, high speed travel, environmental awareness, natural disasters and war challenge individuals, families, communities and societies.

Central to the success of all human individuals and human populations is health. On an individual level, health is defined today as the capacity to reach one’s full human potential including mind, body and spirit. For developing and developed nations, population health is a prerequisite for development, because it impacts productivity, mobility, stability, security, innovation and growth.

Health requires planning and investment of both time and resources. This assumes prioritization (since resources are not unlimited), choices, and careful timely execution. In this program an individual is asked, acting as the guardian of a soon to be newborn child, to determine not only what actions are critically linked to full human development, but also when and where these actions should take place over a life time.

The Planning Simulator™ is an online transformative tool which gives the online participant the opportunity to assume the role of health coach. Individuals are asked to take responsibility for the complete development of a virtual child conceived on campus. Each contributor determines those 25 specific actions or steps which are most important in assuring this child reach his or her full human potential. Each action chosen is placed on the timeline where it should be executed. The timeline begins at conception and extends out 120 years after birth. At the end of the exercise, each participant is asked to predict how long this child will live if he or she sticks to the plan and has the participant as a health coach.

The Healthy Person Project©is a real-time smart online database that is able to capture and analyze the rich array of information collected. Each participant enters de-identified demographic data and completes an introductory 10 question health opinion survey which can be cross-corollated with the results of the simulator exercise. Using online algorithms, the system generates a variety of reports in real time that are available along with de-identified group results to participants immediately. In addition an executive report with slide deck to support public discussion are provided to the school at the end of the online engagement.

Following completion of testing, the Healthy Person Project© will be made available to high schools, colleges and universities in 2012. If you are interested in learning more, contact Dr. Magee at or at 917-596-1783.

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