Positive Medicine – envisioning optimal health is the official communication arm of Positive Medicine Inc. Health Commentary offers a diverse online forum for the discussion of the health care system—encouraging consumers, students, business people, the media, academics, and policy makers— virtually anyone with an opinion—into the health care debate. Anchoring the site is “Story of the Week,” a weekly health care news analysis by Dr. Magee that closely examines a health care issue or emerging mega-trend. The open source archive offers access to a wide range of referenced content. Packaged content collections on subjects such as aging, obesity, medical home, health records and health professionalism are easily accessible.

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  1. Mila says:

    Dr. Magee: After reading Positive Leadership I knew that I had finally found someone who understood the power of honoring people! Your book is assigned reading for all my management and human resources classes. Today, I received an email from a student that was, just like me, overwhelmed upon reading all the concepts associated with positive leadership. Found this site on Google and wanted to tell you that your leadership concepts continue to influence many of us.With profound thank you!Professor Susan Pellerin,President, E&S Consulting

  2. admin says:

    Greatly appreciated, Susan! I’m so pleased that your students found the book useful. I hope they take advantage of additional opinions and thoughts on If they’d like to make a class project out of a post on the site, just let me know at All the best, Mike

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