Positive Medicine Inc. is a strategic health communications firm committed to envisioning optimal health outcomes. The firm provides discrete and measured guidance to health related organizations committed to home-centered health care, collaborative care team management, and transformative health care leadership.

Envisioning optimal health is hard work. Qualities we look for include an openness to continuous learning, a desire to work collaboratively with others, active listening, an entrepreneurial spirit, readiness for change, and most of all, a burning desire to shape the future.

How do you light a fire? Choose the site. Gather the materials. Create the spark.

Over the years, Positive Medicine has had the privilege to serve many clients as an “inside partner” at a variety of sites. The materials we have brought to the table have been anchored by 7 themes gathered under the visions tab above.

As for the “sparks”, often as not, they are provided by the client  – in response to a new word or idea, to a piece of information long forgotten, or in response to an innocent question exquisitely timed.

ACO’s, nursing scope of practice, advanced professionalism, advanced directives, meaningful use, obesity’s chronic disease burden, financing home care, telemedicine in your neighborhood – there is no shortage of issues. Our belief? It is not the issues that define you, but how you respond to them.

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